Scott fly rods including Flex, Sector, Centric, G2, F2, SC and T2H are designed and built by combining custom made graphite materials with complex tapers and patterns. They're medium action, smooth flexing fly rods treasured by anglers the world over.Scott introduced the first G rods in 1976, and changed fly fishing by creating the first 9' 4 weight fly rod. Trident Fly Fishing is a full-service fly shop. 5-weight fly rods are the most popular and versatile of all fly rods for freshwater anglers. To generalize, the G-series fly rods are made from medium modulus materials. Now these internal ferrules are critical to the G2's perfect actions. Every guide and join is hand bound, logo's and measuring markers and hand scripted and the internal ferrules are perfectly hand ground to give a perfect flex on every rod. 5-weight fly rods have become the single quiver rod for many freshwater anglers. Anyway check out the pics below and you can see why i've fallen for the G2's. Condition is "Used". Frankly, it’s starting to feel like the term ‘handcrafted’ is being thrown around a little loosely these days. With a year of on-the-water fly fishing testing under its belt, the A4 has done just that. The package arrived at my door with a note taped on the outside, saying that I couldn't tell anyone about what was on the inside. The G2 was a damn fine fly rod and I was skeptical of how good the replacement really could be. The major difference in a G2 and all of these other rods is these puppies all have a stiff tip that runs into a softer mid and butt section. We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing reviews to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success. The G2 was a damn fine fly rod and I was skeptical of how good the replacement really could be. Scott fly rods deliver the maximum performance for a particular fishing application. Scott’s original “G” series is a great example. Years ago fly rod manufacturers took life at a slower pace, one in spirit with the soul of fly-fishing. They are a versatile fishing tool capable of handling a wide range of fly sizes. A totally different concept to anything else on the market. The result is the whole rod is soft or slow action. It is safe to say Scott has delivered one of the best if not the best Moderate Action fly rod of all time. The Scott S4 fly rod. As a result of that lesson a few months later I bought myself my first G2. Now you probably know that all of the good rod builders around the world make presentation rods, Sage make ZXL, (which have replaced SLT and SP), Winston make well pretty much all Winston rods and Loomis make a bunch of presentation rods under their GLX banner. Finally here's a video review of the Scott G2 Series fly rods. The Scott G2's starting with the hand scripted logo's are a rod builders piece of art. Scott changed the fly fishing industry for good in 1976 by introducing the first Scott G Series fly rods. They responded with the G Series, that is more flexible, lighter and stronger than its predecessor. I'm been fishing the G2, 8'8" #4 and #5 consistently this summer and have had fish up to 8lb all of which the rods have handled with ease. Hang on I'm off topic already. First the S4. Scott G Series fly rods are field tested and reviewed by Telluride Angler. The G2's on the other hand, have soft tips, stiffer mid sections and really grunty butt sections. As someone who has written more fly rod reviews than he can remember, I have some straight advice to offer: Don't ever NOT buy a fly rod based on anything you read. This would be a huge mistake. The Manic tackle project Scott G2 website. So what is my overall take on the new Scott G Series fly rod? Review originally posted in Flylife Magazine #43 By the end of day one the doubt of breaking the Scott G Series was not a concern whatsoever, unless Dave was falling out of the boat with it, (Ask me about that story the next time you swing by the shop). So, the G Series passed the accuracy and line speed tests but, how did it handle playing big strong trout? Everything You Need to Know About the Scott Fly Fishing Rods. Scott fly fishing rods are designed to make saltwater fishing an easy tasks for their wielders. The only fly rod I touched the entire time was the Scott G Series 905. Theyre also designed to load fast and generate the same speed and strength as high-line boats when theyre cast with a relaxed stroke, so that you can better control tough-fighting fish. I generally prefer a med to med/fast rod but, thought a faster rod might work for this. They responded with the G Series, that is more flexible, lighter and stronger than its predecessor. Buy Scott G2 Fly Rod - G2844-4: Rods - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases S4 Fly Rod Description The S4 fly rods are generally described as fast action high line speed fly rods. Along this journey, we’ve developed a way of doing things that we call The Scott … Zane Mirfin with an 8lb back country brown trout taken on the Scott G2 8'8" #5. Sure, you can call me a sucker for a new toy or biased because Scott Fly Rods and I share the same home of Colorado but, the real reason I kept picking up the Scott G Series in the morning was because of performance. Scott G2 Fly Rod Review - *Please note this product may no longer be available to purchase on our website* 06/01/18 The Scott G2 is now discontinued. But, instead of bringing saltwater specific gear, you thought you’d bring your 6 weight trout rod onto the skiff.. We know these fly rods intimately and can help you select the next rod to suit your plans and dreams. Scott Fly Rodss at Glasgow Angling Centre. Back to Silver Creek you can probably guess what i'm getting at here, I got taught a lesson. The problem then is the tip is stiffer than the mid section. I brought a handful of rods with me for the trip, intending to use them all. You couldn't get further from being a mass produced rod. My friend had far better line control, presentation and casting accuracy fishing his G2 than I could ever have fishing my brute stick. To start with there are two models, the fast action S4 and the medium fast G2. The Scott difference At Scott, we’ve spent the last 45 years working to perfect the design, craftsmanship, and performance of fly rods.