If alcohol is used to clean the machinery that makes the chocolate bars, then that chocolate is also considered unfit for consumption for Muslims. The average American eats around 10 pounds of chocolate per year, though we aren’t the nation scarfing down the most. It has become widely popular and can now be found in popular supermarkets that carry a range of other halal foods. Considering the number of Muslim consumers, I wish US food brands would produce more halal products. I don’t mean this literally. That's crazy. When your liberty might stumble a brother or sister in Christ, then you don’t eat that food: Romans 14:21 It is good neither to eat meat nor drink wine nor do anything by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak. You might gain weight and have your personal trainer yell at you. Drinking chocolate, which is different from hot chocolate, hearkens back to chocolate in its original form. when they hear about my research," she said. The same utensils and dishes for meat may not be used for dairy, in most cases. Other biblical references warn against eating too much sugar (Proverbs 25:16), teach to eat wholesome grains (Ezekiel 4:9), etc. Still, if you can't beat them, join them. Before it was handed out in heart-shaped Valentine's gifts or served with marshmallows in a favorite winter drink, chocolate had to shed its association with unholy indulgence and weather the critiques of religious clerics. Luckily for sweet tooths, attitudes like the pope's eventually won out, paving the way for chocolate … How does pig DNA end up in it? That's what Deborah Prinz found when she and her husband were embarking on an extended trip through Europe and indulging their mutual fondness for chocolate in 2006. It should be dark—at least 70 percent cocoa—not white or milk. It seems that the explanation lies in a phrase written in Leviticus (holy book): “Every animal with a split hoof and sunken hooves that chew the cud, you will eat.” Chocolate of any kind. What this NAACP leader and pastor learned from Martin Luther King Jr. Food is a deep-set part of the Hindu religion, and what is consumed is eaten to honor both the body and the gods. Ekadashi fasting is observed on every 11th Tithi in Hindu calendar. Hindus, mostly of India, don't eat beef because they believe the cow is holy, which is where we get the expression "holy cow". For God's sake, and it does not matter which one you follow. That title belongs to the Swiss, who supposedly consume more than 19 pounds of it per capita each year. By leading conversations about these uncomfortable aspects of the popular treat, Martin said she hopes to add depth to people's appetite for chocolate. "Somebody wrote to the pope (in 1577) from the Americas … asking if Catholics were allowed to drink chocolate when they were supposed to be fasting. Religion is like chocolate. My coworker's husband is a chocolatier and he makes some strange chocolates sometimes. It’s hard to say no to chocolate but which countries eat the most? "People will ask, 'What is the best chocolate?' You can eat fruits/vegetable which grow on plants, but not rooted things as the plant won’t die or will die with the weather anyway – does that mean Jains are allowed to eat parts of things (of course veggies) which are going to die anyway? It’s cheaper than a train, more expensive than a bus. If you are stranded on a desert island you will eat whatever is there. It's rumored that he thought it was a hilarious request not even worthy of a response," said Carla Martin, a lecturer at Harvard University, with a snicker. If the ingredients or their sources are not clear, then they fall under the doubtful category, which is called mushbooh. Email: kdallas@deseretnews.com; Twitter: @kelsey_dallas. True food allergies can be life-threatening. 6. If the chocolate has any mushbooh ingredients, then under Islamic guidelines, it is best to avoid it. Spencer Cox is "leaning" toward a gondola to relieve Wasatch traffic, but detractors worry of an "amusement park" in the mountains.