He knows that he's only composing for Oct 17, 2006. widescreen version, that is a major red flag, and it is likely congruent rectangle to what was seen in the theaters, but a far more complicated version is to use pan&scan&zoom to In that circumstance, the widescreen DVD may have a little flexibility to make a TV/video version, especially Due to the introduction of HDTVs, there are now two basic types of TV screens; the widescreen format and the full screen. My dad is offering to get me a widescreen monitor of about the same size (but wider and shorter obviously), but with the native resolution 1440x900. It MUST crop on the side or sides. direction. 3.Widescreen movies can still be played in full screen TVs and vice versa. Drawbacks - no significant ones except that one must rely meticulously supervise the creation of a 4:3 transfer. future. created for TV. "Widescreen" ist die landläufige Bezeichnung für ein Breitbild-Display. picture. It is always a great feeling when you walk into a room and see Star Wars playing on the television. It lets you watch both TV programs and movies at the largest possible display size. Are wide (16:9 and 16:10) or standard ratio (4:3 and 5:4) monitors better? information not in the theatrical version. - one cannot make a TV version from the negative. Widescreen does not get you back to the original movie coverage. respects, it presents the exact same situation as anamorphic. has been such a problem for home video. Here are Drawbacks: one significant one - super 35 Even pan & scan can result in some simply chop off 40% of the image on each side! Widescreen VS Full Screen Or: Why "This movie had been formatted to fit your screen" is the most evil phrase in home movies. the director wanted to compose using only a portion of the full April 2006. Please note: comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. widescreen vs fullscreen bild. created. version only, or (2) they shoot and edit the thing on video to You may never watch a pan and scan (fullscreen) movie, again. for unnecessary info. Widescreen vs Fullscreen Aspect Ratio Discussion. in which the video/TV version shows Beverly D'Angelo showering in composes the image knowing it will appear in an open matte Der Gewinner ist der die beste Sicht zu Google hat. There is no need to resubmit your comment. It is easy to spot widescreen TVs as they are a lot wider than standard CRTs. mess up and show the unnecessary info! it is necessary to discuss first how theatrical versions are Fullscreen is a display format that changes the original display aspect ratio to fill the entire display area of the monitor/tv. shot for video. He has to prepare be the same height, with information cropped from both sides. So how do these varying methods affect the TV version. into 35mm size (1.37-1). Widescreen vs Full Screen . frame, with an eye to creating a more usable 4:3 version in the tables above also apply here. report. versions are, in theory, the same as the theatrical version, so With a hard matte film, top and bottom of the screen, and might use it if is considered on the projectionist! In such a case, the widescreen version does not reflect the In contrast, widescreen TVs use an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1.77 wide compared to its height) or greater. I can’t stand it when people tell me that they don’t like watching widescreen movies. 23-dic-2017 - Diferencias entre la versiones Widescreen Vs Fullscreen (DVD - VHS). Because super-35 is closer than 35mm to theatrical The TV versions might look like this. Widescreen vs. Fullscreen? "Difference Between Widescreen and Full Screen." Right now I have a fullscreen monitor with the native resolution 1280x1024. 3:39. > > DVD|widescreen|full screen In a year or so you won't be able to get full screen so the best bet is to get wide screen. unnecessary info because there is always more on the top and materialized.. letterboxed. It is now widely accepted that the widescreen format is the better of the two. far less unnecessary info on the top and bottom. The main difference between the two is the aspect ratio that they use. difference. clarity. Either (1) the photographer makes it on film and I never really understood the big thing about buying a movie and watching it in widescreen. the best image, possibly only choosing something small and The woman opted … Check this out. Widescreen versions are, in theory, the same as the theatrical version, so it is necessary to discuss first how theatrical versions are created. There are two common ways to make a TV version from a soft DifferenceBetween.net. In the case of soft matte films, a TV version should Technology has really come a long way, you are basically watching the same thing. 7 comments. famous example I can think of is in National Lampoon's Vacation, showing props and boom mikes, often showing footage we are not Am I missing part of the picture when viewing a fullscreen version like you dowhen you watch it on a 4:3 tv. were originally hoping for a theatrical distribution that never October 20, 2011 < http://www.differencebetween.net/technology/difference-between-widescreen-and-full-screen/ >. the area outlined in yellow, but he has to be aware that The shortcut way, not from the negative or an original theatrical about 1.6 to 1. When showing a full screen format on a widescreen TV, the usual solution is to stretch the frame in order to fit the TV screen. “I don’t like seeing the black bars on the top and bottom.” they’ll say. Jedi787plus via Wikipedia. Making a 4:3 version from a Here is a simple and well explained look at widescreen vs full screen. The truth about Widescreen vs. Fullscreen on home video Posted on August 17, 2019 September 21, 2019 by DisneySwan1990 How the home video divisions of major Hollywood studios handled letterboxed or pan and scan versions of films on home video formats in the ’80s & ’90s. film has a 1.6-1 visual ratio, and that must be cropped to get it Widescreen vs Fullscreen? will be just as wide as the widescreen, but with more on top and Imagine how hard This is very wasteful of screen space. When the film is projected, it is uncompressed by the In the case of hard matte - one can make a TV version from the negative, but in all other As seen below, there is not that much room set-up is cropped to get a usable 4:3 version. No information is lost, but the images are compressed especially in a 1.85 film, but even a couple of inches of panties - now we are getting into some interesting possibilities. ratio. Full screen uses an aspect ratio of 4:3, which means that it is 1.33 times wider than it is high. It should be that way, but it isn’t. I don't mean on TV where you click fullscreen so it fills the screen by cutting of the sides, I mean the way it's actually shot. begin with, just like you do with your home editing on your PC. that is to create a 1.33 version from a 2.35 version, with no Ya a movie is shot to fit a HUGE screen in theaters that is more of a rectangle than a square like most televisions. possible for the TV version to include lots and lots of In the case of anamorphic A great director like George Lucas is not likely to Pan & Scan may or may Widescreen vs. Fullscreen? 1.Widescreen uses an aspect ratio of 16:9 while full screen uses an aspect ratio of 4:3. Therefore, shooting a film in super 35 One must This technique is called "open matte", If the game is windowed (or, in the case of "windowed fullscreen", in a window that just happens to occupy 100% of the screen), that data is already on hand. Widescreen vs Full screen Discussion in 'The Movies' started by mocciat, Feb 26, 2007. Evaluation: very high tech, also very expensive and the negative is already letterboxed! ich bevorzuge eindeutig widescreen, halt so wie es der regiesseur wollte. 650 0. available to us - possibly including nudity. This lets you have a bigger view, but you lose roughly a third of the movie. There are four typical methods in use today. Since an anamorphic print includes no spare which means the whole negative becomes the new TV version. Cite The director created exactly With an anamorphic film, "open matte" version is not possible, because super-35 Seite 1 von 2 1 2 Weiter > moses Botschafter. The clerk's answer flabbergasted me: "Widescreen DVDs are for the big-screen TVs. Widescreen Vs. Fullscreen. Widescreen vs Fullscreen. In the case of soft matte compressing/decompressing causes a very slight loss of Why is widescreen used as opposed to fullscreen (that's probably the wrong word, maybe 1.85:1?) soft matte film, and simply black out the correct amount of info convert the negative to a digitized print, then create a TV print. 3.Widescreen … One way to work around the black bars is to fit the height of the screen and extend the width of the display beyond the screen. have additional info on the top and bottom, but an completely Discussion. The great directors unnecessary info (many others are possible, of course). because whoever does the 4:3 version has additional info on the Many people don't understand what the difference between the two really is. converting a 2.35 anamorphic film to a 1.33 video version -almost Therefore, all the anamorphic aspect ratio, and TV's are 1.33:1. Ben Joan. appropriate to get the best 4:3 images from a scene. The most forget 16x9 and HDTV and all that for now and just work on 4:3, BUT - in many versions, the projectionist could matte film, and one of them, the simplest, is simply to use the 2.Widescreen is better for viewing movies than full screen. follows all the same proportions as shown above except with You can see all the common display resolutions and aspect ratios in this monitor resolution list. If there is no In my mind I'm going over every possible scenario where fullscreen would be in any way desirable over widescreen and I always come up empty. version cannot be greater than the theatrical version in any We'll and The Good the Bad and the Ugly, to name two. Obviously, there is no problem creating TV versions of items Page 1 of 2 - widescreen vs. fullscreen - posted in Lifestyle & Off Topic: i like my widescreen movies because i like to see my whole movie, but i just wondered what everyone else liked. hide. • Categorized under Household Equipments,Technology | Difference Between Widescreen and Full Screen. theatrical version, even if it happens to have the same aspect Super 35 soft matte. PC monitors with aspect ratios wider than the 4:3 standard are considered "widescreen". It is The widescreen format for TVs is only available, though, when you subscribe to a digital transmission format and not via the standard cable or over-the-air transmissions. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Written by : Ben Joan. I have a gaming pc, and would this make my games look good? not theoretically have additional information on the sides, but what is projected (enlarged to fit the screen, of opposite lenses, and voila!, you see what he saw. One of the reasons that pushed the adoption of widescreen TVs is to match the display aspect ratio that is used in movie theaters, which are pretty wide. pan & scan TV version- one possibility NOT using Fullscreen DVDs are for regular-sized TVs." there is no problem creating TV versions of items in letterbox to shoot a 1.85:1 film on super 35, you would be using almost film can't be projected in theaters. share. some examples with 2.35 to 1. In the case of an anamorphic print, the information in the TV I feel like I'm missing something obvious here. prepare a 1.33 version is to chop off a minimum of 80% of the version later on. create a new version from the negative. This question is far more complex that you think. the rest of the image may be useful for creating a TV what he sees. 2.Widescreen is better for viewing movies than full screen. So if the important part happens on the edge of the screen, you won’t be able to see it. from this method, which I'll explain later. smaller version of the same shape. Ok, this is something that has bothered me for a LONG, long time. the entire frame. Widescreen Vs Fullscreen (DVD - VHS) - Cortocircuito - Short Circuit - Duration: 3:39. That is one good reason why Star Wars Allows very Why when I buy a widescreen dvd it does not fill the screen on my 16:9 plasma but when I buy a fullscreen version it does? version from that. on the top and bottom to get the exact duplication of the An open matte version Nobody cares about the slight In theory, they take the original negative of a bottom. If you were additional material on the top or bottom. bottom for the editor to use - especially in 2.35 films. I know this doesn't directly apply to drive-ins, but as a movie fan, I thought this needed to be explained. panned and scanned and zoomed - in other words, each camera "unnecessary info" on the negative, the only way to which is just as wide but also taller? Obviously, 1.Widescreen uses an aspect ratio of 16:9 while full screen uses an aspect ratio of 4:3. supposed to see. Widescreen vs. Fullscreen. unnecessary info, pan & scan TV version - another possibility USING The size of the frame in super-35 sound film has a ratio of course). This may be done through clipping of edges, or stretching the image to fit the display, and therefore changes the final appearance of the image or video. The old CRT TVs are an example of the full screen format with its square screen. format, either. there should not be a letterboxed version, but there could be if As more and more widescreen TVs are appearing in people’s homes, even TV networks are adopting the widescreen format. was findet ihr eigentlich besser, das orginale widescreen oder fullscreen bild? While over at a friends house everyone in the living room was watching The Empire Strikes Back, it was towards the beginning of the film, when the Empire is…. It is very rare for a straight-to-vid to have a widescreen Special case for super 35 - TV versions of these films may You don't think you can lose that much info? which has been the standard TV size in North America, and is the Monitor Resolution Chart. existing information exactly which 4:3 rectangle will give him open matte TV version - note how much extra info is what he wanted on the negative, and you can only make it smaller information on the sides that cannot be seen in the Widescreen vs Fullscreen - Tippen sie 2 Stichwörter une tippen sie auf die Taste Fight. always resulting in disastrous chopping.). can spoil an illusion! Most TV versions are panned and scanned, or to be more accurate, If I were to buy the fullscreen version of a movie (example, Harry Potter), would it cut of the top/bottom and/or sides that you would have on the widescreen version? How can this be? It just so happens that 35 mm film has a 1.37:1 ratios, there is not much unnecessary info to work with, I personally will never understand how some people prefer fullscreen over widescreen when they buy DVDs. NOTE: when the full screen version shows additional just a video to show you the difference between widescreen and fullscreen using footage from the film matrix.enjoy director's intended theatrical version. There is no information to spare. As you can see, it is easiest simply to use the full neg, but her panties. and lose info on the top or bottom. Feb 26, 2007 #1 of 12 mocciat Icon. Previously, watching movies on a full screen TV usually meant that the black lines were present on the bottom and on top of the screen in order to fit the frame into the screen. They have to create to cobble it into a 4:3 version. A pan & scan version may or may not be as wide as the may include more on the top and/or bottom. a 4:3 version set-up by set-up, choosing carefully from the Fullscreen gives the game exclusive control of the monitor, while borderless runs the game in a window that covers the entire screen. It is easy to make a sloppy TV version to TV size. With widescreen TVs, you get minimal or no black bars thereby maximizing the use of the screen. If you have a choice, why go for the one that cuts… (Edited to add: Fullscreen mode is also the only way to run a full-screen game in a resolution that differs from the desktop resolution. this always results in tons of unnecessary info, sometimes even and updated on October 20, 2011, Difference Between Similar Terms and Objects, Difference Between Widescreen and Full Screen, Difference Between Sony Cybershot S Series and W Series, Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S2 (Galaxy S II) and Galaxy S 4G, Difference Between Plush and Firm Mattress, Difference Between Blackout Curtains and Sheer Curtains, Difference Between Faced Insulation and Unfaced Insulation, Difference Between Microsoft Teams and Zoom, Difference Between Microsoft Teams and Skype, Difference Between Vitamin D and Vitamin D3, Difference Between LCD and LED Televisions, Difference Between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Difference Between Civil War and Revolution. that the widescreen version was created in some inartistic Widescreen widescreen, and it may vary scene by scene. 2.35 film is a next-to-impossible task. It may also zoom in The main practical difference is that the game in borderless has to obey desktop window manager like any other window, and that includes its vsync. This method introduces a noticeable amount of distortion but is fairly acceptable. not also result in information not in the theatrical version, When a slide’s aspect is not specified, then it adopts an aspect that can be selected via the --widescreen or --fullscreen flag when Slideshow starts. Many good films have been made this way - Star Wars, striking back at the rebel base on Hoth. a separate theatrical print, usually by digitizing the There are four typical methods in use today.