Why Representation In Media Matters for Kids. Much queer representation in children’s film and television has felt like too little, too late. LGBT representation in children's and YA Books. Analysis is done on the stereotypes and coding from various animated shows, such as South Park, Family Guy, and Steven Universe. Children’s Movies. If every straight child gets this experience, why shouldn’t an LGBT child? This level of representation portrays an inaccurate reflection of our society today, with big media institutions such as Hollywood seemingly terrified of increasing their level of inclusivity beyond what can only be described as the barest of minimums, and in recent years the growing voice of LGBT people has become increasingly vocal in its frustration at such half-hearted efforts. Tracy Ewing, CSUN professor of child and adolescent development, believes LGBT representation in the media targeted at children is a growing trend, and there has been a generational shift in thinking. May 29, 2017. With a few books added most years, there are currently over 100 books in this collection, which fall into five general categories: books with … GLAAD is a prominent gay rights media watchdog. Much queer representation in children's media has felt like too little, too late. Representations of LGBT Characters in Children’s Picture Books. For some children and young adults, interactions with … Children need representation in the media to show them what they could be. Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is a prime example of how not to please anyone when it comes to LGBTQ representation in children’s media. Bond and Compton, Bond-Raacke et al., Calzo, Moroni, Schiappa et al.). This thesis focuses on the representation of LGBT characters in American animation and attempts to give a rigorous analysis on a medium that should be taken seriously. The term queer is often used to refer to people in the LGBT community without using specific categorization. The new Disney Pixar film Onward, about two teenage elf brothers on a quest to magically reunite with their dead father, includes the studio's first clearly queer character who speaks, cyclops Police Officer Specter ( voiced by actor Lena Waithe, herself a lesbian ). With 10.2% representation, GLAAD has exceeded the goal that it put to the industry last year. LGBT+ individuals have become more visible in children’s media in the past few years, which has a positive impact on the LGBT+ community as a whole. From Slash to Canon: How Fan Culture Changed LGBT Representation in Children’s Animation. It received this year’s GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Kids and Family Programming. 2. Something which I wish I had more of as a kid is LGBT children’s books. Maybe on some level, I was scared that searching for children’s books with LGBT themes would be found out, and adults would accuse me of looking at inappropriate things. The brilliant award winning author and campaigner Sita Brahmachari, who's work includes the Car Wash Wish and Kite Spirit, became our twelfth Writer in Residence back in 2015. To have a character on a show or in a book that’s in a healthy relationship with someone of the same sex would be revolutionary. For a lot of lgbtq+ people, including myself, we can be made more confused about our identities due to the utter lack of representation in the media. LGBT characters can help kids build a frame of reference. Today’s children’s literature has made tangible progress in promoting diversity through numerous LGBTQ+ characters, themes, and storylines. That said, Disney still has a long way to go to achieve equal representation. Additionally, there are outside resources such as: studies on LGBT representation in media; reviews, articles, and interviews about the importance of LGBT representation in children's media; further reading on the history of the LGBT community geared towards younger readers; further reading for parents of LGBT children, and much more. June 14, 2016 / Articles . In all of our own and extended experiences we have known children to accept a new idea, such as gay or lesbian relationships with a simple explanation. NOTE: Spoilers for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power ahead. The representation of the LGBTQ community in media has come a long way in recent years. Danger and a talking egg named Phillip, and includes LGBT characters throughout the series. GLAAD is now thriving and has been able to successfully infiltrate and put pressure on networks and producers in Hollywood to include more LGBT-identified characters and storylines in their projects, including those aimed at children. A look at and comparison of how the cartoon South Park and mainstream media handle LGBTQ Representation. But parents should be aware that as the Photo courtesy: Cartoon Network. Modern audiences now demand diversity in popular culture that reflects the variety of life, rather than omitting entire communities from film and TV. and LGBT representation in mainstream entertainment media, particularly prime-time television (See eg. LGBTQ representation on … Research also shows media representation can have a positive effect on members of the LGBT community, especially among adolescents, by providing role models and a sense of community (See e.g. The 2010s have been a decade of broken barriers in the realm of children’s television in regard to LGBT representation. The LGBTQ media organization’s Studio Responsibility Index (SRI) has mapped out the dynamics of changing LGBTQ representation in films each year … However, the struggle to find ample representation continues, largely owing to the backlash that many believe LGBTQ+ content to be “inappropriate content”. RELATED: The 12 Most Noteworthy LGBT Characters In Comics. GLAAD, a nonprofit organization dedicated to equal representation for the LGBTQ community in media, completed a report this year on where society is on TV presently. Unfortunately, while they put in a little effort, the media doesn’t pull through. Bond, Gomillion). The more representation, the better! It’s one of many moments where “Steven Universe,” with quiet effortlessness, waves the flag for LGBT representation in children’s media. BY DANIELLA OSMAN, DANIE O. Of the 895 series regular characters expected to appear on broadcast scripted primetime programming in the coming year, 43 (4.8%) identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer. We also spoke about responses to LGBT representation in children’s media. Danger & Eggs (Amazon Video) The animated series follows the adventures of D.D. This show has won a GLAAD Media Award for its work in LGBTQ+ representation in children’s programming. There has been a lack of positive queer portrayal in children’s media for a long time. AD Child viewers are exposed to gay representation, and lgbt identities immediately become less abnormal and intimidating due to their casual presentation in a comfortable context. It was created by a transgender writer … The collection of children’s picture books with LGBT characters began growing steadily when Heather Has Two Mommies (Newman, 1989) was published 25 years ago. Published on: 07 April 2015 Author: Sita Brahmachari. She thinks that even beyond the shift, younger generations are taking action to create a more inclusive culture. This is also causing an increased request for LGBTQ representation in the media. 2018 has been a bad year for the LGBTQ community in politics, but it’s been a record-breaking year in media, according to GLAAD’s annual TV diversity report. After enormous hoopla over the first gay character in a Disney film — who would have, director Bill Condon said, an “exclusively gay moment”—the moment was too brief and inconclusive for me as a queer person to celebrate. Growing up, I had a hard time identifying with the cartoons on … 12. I do not own any of the movies or television series' in this video, all credit goes to their respective owners It would not only normalize these ideas, but also give kids someone to look up to who’s like them. From a single background shot of a gay couple to the … While representation of queer people is much better today than it was when I was a closeted kid in the ‘80s and ‘90s, there is still a severe shortage of queer characters in mainstream media. A growing problem is that lesbians and Sapphism, or the concept of women feeling attraction to other women, are hypersexualized by the media. by Janine Schall. Netflix. Queer is a word that is associated with minority sexual orientations and gender minorities. We Need LGBT Representation in Children’s Media Now More Than Ever By: Cathy Smith. I don’t think I encountered LGBT representation in media until I was well into my teens. "Parents are definitely going to have to deal with a growing LGBT presence in children's media," Vischer told The Christian Post. From Nickelodeon to Disney: children's TV leads the way for LGBT characters.