VERY CLEAN WORKS GREAT812/07/2013$180.49McIntoshMcIntosh 1700 receiver131/03/2013$180.49MarantzMarantz 2252 Receiver NM-39/18/2012$180.50SansuiSansui 2000x Stereo Receiver222/02/2013$180.50SansuiSANSUI 5000-A STERO RECEIVER22/01/2013$180.50SansuiSANSUI 5000A STEREO TUNER AMPLIFIER RECEIVER 120/240 VAC 5000 Tape39/9/2012$180.50Sansuisansui 7000 solid state am fm stereo tuner amplifier receiver with manual149/8/2012$180.50PioneerPioneer QX-747 4 channel Receiver Amplifier Serviced2312/16/2013$181.44SansuiOriginal Sansui Wooden Stereo Receiver 881 AM/FM Japan Made1912/02/2013$182.38MarantzMARANTZ 2252B STEREOPHONIC STEREO AM FM RECEIVER AMP AMPLIFIER w DLB-1 DOLBY1212/23/2013$182.49Bang OlufsenBang & Olufsen Beomaster 2400 Stereo Receiver Works Great52/02/2013$182.50FisherFisher Model 450-T Stereo Receiver172/02/2013$182.50Fisherstudio standard by fisher rs 2010 stereo receiver231/13/2013$182.50LafayetteLAFAYETTE LA-350 TUBE STEREO AMPLFIER511/10/2013$182.50MarantzMarantz 2230 Gyro-Tuning stereo Hi-Fi receiver91/09/2013$182.50MarantzMarantz Superscope R-1220 Stereo Receiver Tuner Amp + Original BOX1512/15/2013$182.50MarantzMARANTZ 2230 Stereophonic Receiver109/13/2012$182.50OnkyoONKYO TX-6500 MK II171/27/2013$182.50PioneerPIONEER STEREO RECEIVER SX-850 AM/FM/Phono/Tape/Aux WORKS GOOD121/24/2013$182.50PioneerPIONEER SX 9000 REVERBERATION GREAT CONDITION2112/30/2013$182.50PioneerPioneer SX-850 Stereo Receiver Very Good Condition - Works Great1212/13/2013$182.50PioneerWORKING PIONEER RECIEVER SX-D7000 NICE SHAPE SOUNDS GREAT NO RESERVE138/1/2012$182.50SansuiSANSUI G5700 RECEIVER711/22/2013$182.50MarantzRARE MARANTZ RECEIVER 4240 STEREO 2 + QUADRADIAL 4 MODEL 1970's269/5/2012$183.00Sansui1970's Sansui 881 Stereo AM/FM Receiver4311/11/2013$183.00KenwoodKENWOOD STEREO SYSTEM EXCELENT SHAPE 150 RMS WATTS KM206 KC206 KT56212/02/2013$183.01Pioneer1970s Pioneer SX-980 Stereo Receiver Works GC1311/20/2013$183.05MarantzMARANTZ 1070 Intergrated amplifier Wonderful sounding Amp241/06/2013$183.50Harmon KardonHarmon Kardon Citation Fourteen (14)258/1/2012$184.05MarantzMARANTZ MODEL 4230 RECEIVER STEREO 2- QUADRADIAL 451/31/2013$184.49Fisher~Works Great ~ THE FISHER PHILHARMONIC P-22 TUBE AM-FM STEREO RECEIVER38/7/2012$184.50MarantzMarantz 4230 ReceiverxWood Case 4 Channel with Original Manual AS IS1911/07/2013$184.50SansuiSansui Model 2000X AM/FM Stereo Receiver Excellent131/14/2013$184.50SansuiSansui 4 Channel Receiver QR-650059/20/2012$184.50TechnicsTechnics SA-800 Stereo Receiver149/16/2012$184.50MarantzMARANTZ 2250B STEREO RECEIVER HIFI18/1/2012$185.00PioneerPIONEER SX-3800 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER312/01/2013$185.00MarantzMarantz 2226B Stereophonic Receiver One Owner Gorgeous!207/29/2012$185.15SansuiSANSUI G-8700DB STEREO RECEIVER911/11/2013$185.30FisherFISHER 500B STEREO RECEIVER (1)77/26/2012$187.00Marantz1970s Era Marantz 2270 Receiver- Works, Power Button Broken2011/22/2013$187.00SansuiSansui, Model Eight, Stereo Receiver .31/09/2013$187.00YamahaYAMAHA NATURAL SOUND R-1000 STEREO RECEIVER261/27/2013$187.28CarverCARVER MRX130 Receiver with Magnetic Field Amplifier - works great1212/03/2013$187.50MarantzMARANTZ MODEL 2230 STEREO STEREOPHONIC RECEIVER 2 CHANNEL 220 WATTS289/19/2012$187.50Pioneerpioneer sx 950 stereo receiver159/17/2012$187.50SansuiSANSUI AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER MODEL 8080DB411/29/2013$187.50SansuiNice Sansui 881 Receiver - Clean and Working with No Problems!137/28/2012$187.50MarantzMarantz 2235 Receiver in wood Case works phono FM AM Radio Aux39/18/2012$188.00PioneerPIONEER SA-9100 AMPLIFIER121/31/2013$188.50MarantzMarantz 2220b Stereo Receiver Very Clean and Working111/12/2013$189.00MarantzMarantz 2220 Marantz receiver, serviced with new lights17/30/2012$189.00PioneerPIONEER SA-7800 (1980-81) DELUXE STEREO INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER, RESTORED212/21/2013$189.00MarantzMARANTZ RECEIVER MODEL 4240 STEREO 2 + QUADRADIAL 43212/12/2013$189.59MarantzMarantz Stereophonic Receiver Model 2245 - Works Good!18/4/2012$189.95Bang OlufsenBang & Olufsen Beomaster 5500 Receiver - Near Mint131/20/2013$190.00LuxmanLUXMAN SOLID STATE AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER MODEL R1050 CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN11/01/2013$190.00MarantzMarantz 2245 Stereo Receiver Amplifier .. cond. Stereo/mono/mix. Mcintosh 1700 Hybrid Receiver w/original box owners manual, parts or repair, PIONEER QX949 QUAD RECEIVER MONSTER POWERHOUSE EXCELLENT CONDITION SERVICED, PIONEER SX-880 RECEIVER -EXC COND W/ ORIGINAL BOX,MANUAL 60 W/CH, YAMAHA CR-1020 AM/FM RECEIVER AMPLIFIER SOUND, Pioneer SX3900 FM Quartz Locked Stereo Receiver, Sansui QRX-7500A Quadraphonic 4 - Channel Stereo Receiver Excellent Condition, Sansui 9090 DB stereo reciever ( For Parts or Repair only), sansui 890DB stereo reciever+original Owners manual,This is a powerhouse, SANSUI G-8000 SUPER POWER STEREO RECEIVER, , Sansui 5000x , AM-FM Stereo Receiver, 55 wpc, Monster Sansui 9900Z Digital Quartz Synthesizer DC Stereo Receiver, SANSUI 8080db - Excellent Receiver - Excellent Find. BANG & OLUFSEN BEOMASTER 5500 RECEIVER IN EXCELLENT SHAPE! Everything is ONE-OWNER (seller is the original owner) – 100% original – 100% functional (except for 2 items that are both repairable) – and in Very Good or Excellent condition. !207/29/2012$310.00MarantzMarantz 2230 Stereo Receiver ~ Superb Condition ~ One Owner607/27/2012$310.00SansuiSansui Eight Receiver AMP Excellent Condition with Manual Original Box912/23/2013$310.00SansuiSansui 5000x receiver with cabinet Sounds awesome HEAVY2212/23/2013$310.00SansuiSANSUI 5000 X STEREO RECEIVER112/12/2013$310.00SansuiSansui 5000X Tuner and Amplifier Serviced and Excellent211/23/2013$310.00SansuiSANSUI G-7000 RECEIVER Top Of The Line 1970's STEREO Radio G7000 FM AM EXCLT2111/11/2013$310.00SansuiSANSUI 5000X STEREO RECEIVER WALNUT CABINET WORKS GREAT39/6/2012$310.55KenwoodKenwood Model Eleven G (11000g) Stereo Receiver HUGE 125WPC201/14/2013$311.00SansuiSANSUI 9090252/02/2013$311.00SansuiSansui Eight Receiver In Great Condition - Complete171/22/2013$311.11Marantzmarantz 2275 receiver249/14/2012$311.89MarantzMarantz Receiver Model 22701911/19/2013$312.00SansuiSANSUI QRX-7500 Quadraphonic 4 Channel Stereo Receiver in Working Condition151/09/2013$312.52MarantzMarantz Model 3300 Preamp.3012/03/2013$312.76SansuiSansui Eight Deluxe Receiver411/31/2013$313.00SansuiSansui solid state 5000x stereo receiver1011/16/2013$314.99KenwoodKENWOOD KR-9600 Monster Amp31/24/2013$315.00McIntoshMcIntosh 1700 Stereo Receiver1511/12/2013$315.00PioneerPioneer SX-980 1970s Silver Faced 100 Watt Per Channel Monster191/26/2013$315.00SansuiSansui 5000x receiver & Matching RA-500 Reverb Amp61/02/2013$315.00SansuiSANSUI 8080DB RECEIVER312/02/2013$315.00MarantzMARANTZ 2252B STEREO RECEIVER, POWERFUL! Welcome to Retrotech Audio. QUADROPHONIC, PIONEER QX-949A STEREO/QUADRAPHONIC 4 CHANNEL FULL LOGIC SQ RECEIVER & SERVICED, SANSUI QRX-5500A 4CH HIFI QUAD AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER - Excellent Shape, SANSUI 9090 STEREO AM/FM RECEIVER FOR REPAIR OR PARTS, Sherwood S-8000 III stereophonic F.M. Don’t know that model. Owner's Manual, 2nd Owner, Working111/16/2013$270.00SansuiSansui G6700 Receiver AMAZING111/26/2013$270.00MarantzMarantz 2230B Receiver/ perfect condition/very clean/ all new lamp3911/18/2013$270.27PioneerPIONEER SX-9000 STEREO RECEIVER WITH REVERBERATION3712/15/2013$270.36FisherFisher "Futura" 24-R receiver, almost the same as model 250T1412/16/2013$271.00SansuiSANSUI 5000X SOLID STATE monster AMPLIFIER AM/FM STEREO TUNER Japan1612/07/2013$271.00YamahaYamaha CR-1040 Stereo Receiver. !369/17/2012$1,502.00MarantzRARE MARANTZ MODEL 19 , SCOPE FM RECEIVER - AUDIOPHILE ALERT ! Skylabs is now an official Uturn dealer! A&R CAMBRIDGE A60 INTEGRATED AMP AND ACTIVE SA60 POWER AMP. Browse Gumtree Free Online Classifieds for second hand Audio & Music Equipment for Sale from sellers in South Africa. Scott FM Stereo Tuner ~ Model: 350-D. Condition. 2 OWNER, MARANTZ 2226B AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER W / PHONO INPUT, Pioneer SX-850 Stereo Receiver/Amp - Excellent Condition - WOW, Marantz 2250B Stereo Receiver With Wood Case, Marantz Model 2230 Wood Stereo AM/FM Phono Receiver, Marantz 2250B Stereo Receiver in Walnut Case - Beautiful, MARANTZ RECEIVER WITH WOOD CASE MODEL 2220B "GREAT CONDITION", Marantz 2245 Stereo Receiver Serial # 7121, MARANTZ RECEIVER MODEL SR-7100-DC &SD-9000TAPE DECK &130-EQ, Nakamichi SR-4A STASIS Stereo Receiver Works Great and Very Clean, Marantz 2230 Stereophonic Receiver and Wood Case, Marantz 2235 Stereo Receiver with Wood Cabinet, Beautiful Marantz 2270 Receiver (1975); non-working, for parts or repair, MONSTER 125W KENWOOD KR 8010 RECEIVER - MINT, SWEET SOUNDING MODEL 2238B STEREO RECEIVER FROM THE LEGENDARY MARANTZ, Realistic STA 2000D Receiver - Fully Serviced, BOSE 108787 SPATIAL CONTROL STEREO RECEIVER 901 WORKING HOME AUDIO NR, FISHER 800 SOLID STATE TUBE AM/FM STEREO STEREOPHONIC RECEIVER PARTS, MARANTZ 4430 QUADRADIAL RECEIVER FREE SHIPPING WITH BIN, MARANTZ 2285B STEREOPHONIC RECEIVER FOR PARTS OR REPAIR, Marantz 2265 Stereo Receiver Great Receiver, BEAUTIFUL WORKING PIONEER QX-8000 QUADRAPHONIC 4 CHANNEL STEREO RECEIVER, 1971 Sansui 5000X Stereo Receiver, EC, Working. SONY STR 6063 $ 480.00 Stereo components of the 70's were big and heavy with metal fronts and lots of knobs, switches and lights. When it’s Hi-Fi it can be even more so. Vintage Classic 1970`s, 80`s, 90`s and contemporary Pre-owned Stereo SpecialistSTEREO - We specialize in per-owned High Fidelity Stereo. Pioneer SX-828 Receiver. Pioneer SX-1050 Receiver--120 watts per channel--Fully Functional! The components are typically available new or as substitutions. BUY ON LINE. But it weighed 70 pounds, and I just couldn’t keep hauling around the special 17″ deep shelving I had made for it. in the papers etc. Not only do we repair vintage audio, but we also have the largest selection of used stereos and equipment for sale in the area! PIONEER SX-1050 STEREO RECEIVER - Sounds Majestic!  Original boxes – for all major components, speakers & tapes (reel + cassette) 120 watts per channel. Next, the unit is slowly brought up to line voltage using an isolated AC power supply. This way they don’t look brown or dingy from aged old background paper, which is usually brown or deep yellow at best. Marantz 2235 Receiver in wood Case works phono FM AM Radio Aux, Marantz 2220b Stereo Receiver Very Clean and Working, Marantz 2220 Marantz receiver, serviced with new lights, PIONEER SA-7800 (1980-81) DELUXE STEREO INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER, RESTORED, MARANTZ RECEIVER MODEL 4240 STEREO 2 + QUADRADIAL 4. Phillip Crag, Once completed, the test session includes checking for tuner function. Sansui 5000X AM/FM Stereo Amplifier Receiver, Fisher 390 T Integrated Receiver in excellent condition C-ops Video, Pioneer sx-939 Works Good Its In Good Shape, Silver Face Pioneer QX-949 Stereo Receiver. Sansui QRX-9001 Quadraphonic receiver - for parts or repair. We offer economical air mail shipping to any destination in the world. This sale is ALL-OR-NOTHING with local pick-up REQUIRED (in SW Michigan.) Please read, Sansui 7000 Stereo Receiver ( Tuner amp). Finally the unit is carefully wrapped, insulated, packed and double boxed in new cartons. There were only approximately 250 made. It works great except for the right speaker channel. On the rear panel the machine is identified By Serial No. MINT.18/4/2012$350.00PioneerPIONEER SX-950 RECEIVER MINT/JUST SERVICED/WORKS PERFECT/OUTSTANDING/!! Made in USA301/23/2013$765.00MarantzMarantz 18, Stereo Reciever2112/14/2013$770.00MarantzMARANTZ RECEIVER 2275 DOLBY & WOOD CASE11/05/2013$775.00SansuiSansui G9000 Receiver112/06/2013$775.00YamahaYamaha FM Stereo Receiver CR-3020231/12/2013$780.00PioneerPIONEER SX 1280 GREAT SHAPE - JEST OUT OF 25+ YEARS STORAGE88/5/2012$785.00PioneerPIONEER SX-1250 AM/FM 160WATTS/ CH. - See video, SANSUI G-7700 PURE POWER DC STEREO RECEIVER POWER AMPLIFIER 120WPC, Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver CR-2020, Sansui 9090 DB Stereo Receiver For Parts/Repair Powers On No Sound, H.H. cond.161/13/2013$198.50FisherFisher 500T Stereophonic Receiver : Good Condition211/29/2013$199.00PioneerPIONEER STEREO RECIEVER SX-780 SUPER CLEAN & NEAR MINT112/31/2013$199.00PioneerPIONEER SX-850 RECEIVER WORKS ONE OF THE BEST FROM PIONEER212/16/2013$199.00SansuiMACHO SANSUI 5500 AM FM STEREO RECEIVER 2 / 4 CHANNEL MONSTER SERVICED112/11/2013$199.00SansuiSansui QRX-7500A Biq Monster Quad Good Shape Read for Details112/02/2013$199.00SansuiSANSUI RECIEVER 8080 DB111/25/2013$199.00SansuiSansui Model 1000A Clean All parts present. wood case, one owner, working condition261/22/2013$265.00PioneerPioneer SX-1050 AM FM Stereo Receiver 120W Sounds Great221/24/2013$265.00PioneerPioneer SX-850 Receiver231/22/2013$265.00RealisticRealistic STA-2100D AM FM Stereo Receiver Condition Sounds Great381/22/2013$265.00LuxmanLUXMAN R-1120A Receiver221/02/2013$265.81PioneerPIONEER SX-1080 MONSTER STEREO RECEIVER TLC2311/11/2013$266.00MarantzMARANTZ MODEL 3200 STEREO PREAMPLIFIER2711/18/2013$266.99MarantzMarantz Model 2275 Receiver149/18/2012$267.76PioneerPioneer SX-737 Stereo Receiver Complete Restoration Great Sound501/22/2013$268.00SansuiSansui 8080DB stereo receiver sound system 2 phono input ~ WORKS112/02/2013$269.00FisherThe Fisher 600 tube AM/FM/ receiver / stereo amplifier /working great209/13/2012$270.00MarantzMARANTZ Model 2270 Stereo Receiver + Orig. SANSUI SOLID STATE AM/FM STEREO TUNER RECEIVER/JAPAN/110/220.WALNUT/USD, MARANTZ original WOOD Stereo Receiver 2220B Cleaned & Working stereo, DYNACO PAS-3...FOR PARTS, NOT WORKING.....NO RESERVE, Kenwood KR-7600 AM/FM Stereo Receiver w/Manual, SANSUI QR6500 RECEIVER with OPERATIION & SERVICE MANUALS, Marantz 4270 Reciever Stereo 2 Quadradial 4 As Is For Parts Or Repair, Marantz 2270 - Works Good - Needs Few Lamps & A Switch - See Description, SANSUI G-7700 PURE POWER DC STEREO RECEIVER 120WPC NICE, 1970's Sansui QRX-5500 MONSTER Quadraphonic Stereo Receiver Tuner AM/FM, AUDIOPHILE PIONEER SX-1080 MONSTER 350 WATT STEREO RECEIVER FOR PARTS OR REPAIR, SONY STR-6120 SOLID STATE STEREO RECEIVER RADIO PRO AUDIO ELECTRONICS NR, Classic Marantz 2230 Receiver with 90 day warranty, MARANTZ 2245 STEREO RECEIVER GREAT CONDITION IN WOOD CASE, Bose 550 AM/FM Stereo Reciever System AC power cord FM antenna, LUXMAN SOLID STATE AM/FM STEREO RECEIVE MODEL R1050, Pioneer SX 980 Receiver 100W Per Channel SX980 SX-980, PIONEER SX-2000 RECEIVER AMPLIFIER AMP TUBE TUNER SX-1000, Pioneer SX-1050 SX1050 stereo receiver 120wpc, Pioneer SX-1050 Stereo Receiver / Minor Fixer - Static in Left Ch, Bang and Olufsen Beomaster 4500 Receiver in Excellent Condition B&O with Remote, Harman Kardon Citation III III-X Professional Tuner w/ documentation, Sony FM Stereo Receiver STR-6120 - Solid State, Marantz 2220B AM/FM Stereo Receiver, Just Serviced, Pioneer SX 1010 Stereo Receiver Tuner Amplifier, Bose Spatial Receiver | Excellent Condition, HARMAN KARDON 730 TWIN POWERED STEREO RECEIVER, Kenwood KR-6600 -Beautiful Display- Refurbished, Marantz model 4000 quadradial 4 adapter preamplifier, PIONEER SX-9000 SOLID STATE 210 WATT AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER WITH REVERBERATION, Sansui 1000X Soild State Stereo AM/FM Tuner Amplifier, Sansui 881 Stereo Receiver with papers (Denver), SANSUI STEREO RECEIVER G-701 G-7000 PURE POWER DUAL VOLTAGE, Sansui 5000X 5000 series Stereo Receiver tested working but needs work, Sansui Solid State 7000 Stereo Receiver 70w/ch Made In Japan Ex++, Marantz 2250B AM/FM Stereo Receiver Parts-or-Repair, Marantz 4240 Quad Receiver With Wood Case - Excellent Condition, SANSUI PURE POWER G 5500 RECEIVER 60 watts - and Serviced. Serious and fully-funded buyers who are interested in this system should message me (rocky26900 at AOL). You can scroll through the list to find the brand you are interested in and then read the titles for specific information on the model etc. SANSUI QRX-7500 QRX 7500 4 CHANNEL MONSTER RECEIVER NICE CONDITION!!!!!! At We Specialize in Vintage Stereo Equipment, High-end Audio Systems, Speaker Repair and the Service and Restoration of Vintage Stereo Receivers, Turntables, Amplifiers, Tape Decks and Tube Equipment. Sales and Repair of Vintage Stereo equipment. !39/6/2012$200.00PioneerPioneer SX-9000 Receiver512/25/2013$200.00PioneerPioneer SX-780 AM/FM Stereo Receiver SUPER1912/09/2013$200.00PioneerPioneer Sx-1050 Stereo Receiver TLC 120WPC-Read112/04/2013$200.00PioneerCLASSIC PIONEER SX-850 RECEIVER NEAR MINT COND.211/19/2013$200.00PioneerPIONEER QX-9900 STEREO RECEIVER QUADRAPHONIC MONSTER QUAD211/18/2013$200.00PioneerPioneer SX-390017/30/2012$200.00PioneerPioneer SX-D5000 Stereo Receiver18/6/2012$200.00PioneerRecapped Pioneer SX-98019/10/2012$200.00PioneerPIONEER SX-850 STEREO RECIEVER excellent condition,19/6/2012$200.00SansuiSANSUI QRX-8001 4/2 CHANNEL RECEIVER11/27/2013$200.00SansuiSANSUI 9090 DB HOME RECIVER112/25/2013$200.00SansuiSANSUI 881 AM/FM RECEIVER -412/15/2013$200.00SansuiSansui Stereo Receiver Model 8900ZDB17/31/2012$200.00TechnicsTECHNICS SA-700 BY PANASONIC RESTORED, EXCELLENT CONDITION11/23/2013$200.00Yamahayamaha natural sound monster stereo receiver model r-2000 excellent condition18/7/2012$200.00MarantzMarantz 2252 Stereo Receiver48/4/2012$200.49DynacoDYNACO PAS-2... ALL ORIGINAL with ORIGINAL TUBES.....NO RESERVE56/10/2012$201.00MarantzBeautiful Marantz Computuner SR 8100 DC Stereo Receiver Gold17/26/2012$201.02PioneerPioneer SX-850 Receiver. Marantz 2325 Stereo Receiver - PRISTINE!!! Why Sell Audio Equipment on Audiogon? !269/10/2012$670.00SansuiSANSUI QRX-9001 Excellent 4/2 CHANNEL Receiver - Excellent Condition1212/01/2013$671.00FisherFisher 500C Tube Receiver Extremely Clean Just Serviced Tuner Aligned1712/09/2013$675.00MarantzMarantz 2325 stereophonic receiver - metal case, + owners manual1912/29/2013$675.00MarantzMARANTZ 2250B excellent working condition with WC-22 WOOD CASE stereo112/17/2013$675.00PioneerPioneer SX-1250 Stereo Receiver Monster SX 12501312/09/2013$676.00FisherFisher 500TX Reciever Amplifier, NoRes4012/02/2013$685.00PioneerPioneer SX-1280 AM/FM "Monster" Stereo Receiver& Operating Instructions71/16/2013$690.00FisherFisher Integrated Stereo FM Tube Receiver Amplifier Model 4001912/16/2013$692.99Bang OlufsenRARE! SERVICED-LAMPS / MANUAL112/31/2013$525.00PioneerPioneer SX-1250 Excellent one owner no abuse168/7/2012$531.69FisherFISHER 500C, ONE OWNER, CLEAN241/14/2013$534.00KenwoodKENWOOD KR-9600 Monster Amp1512/31/2013$535.00MarantzMarantz 2385 Stereo Receiver - Great Working Condition217/29/2012$535.00SansuiSansui QRX-9001 Quad Reciever312/10/2013$536.00MarantzMARANTZ 2285B STEREO RECEIVER sounds great1012/30/2013$536.89FisherFisher 800c Restored and Great Condition127/26/2012$540.70SansuiSANSUI MONSTER RECEIVER G-9000 160 WPC221/10/2013$542.00FisherTHE FISHER 1800 TUBE STEREO RECEIVER AMPLIFIER NEEDS TLC READ ON5112/05/2013$542.37McIntoshMcIntosh Mac 1700 STEREO RECEIVER439/10/2012$545.88Fisherfisher 800b tube receiver [ONE OWNER]1111/25/2013$547.00FisherFisher 800-B tube receiver/amp. SANSUI 9090DB 125wpc SERVICED AND READY TO ENJOY, MCINTOSH MAC4280 STEREO RECEIVER IN EXCELLENT CONDITION, THE FISHER 500-TX STEREO RECEIVER EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION AMP AMPLIFIER, MINT SANSUI 9090DB 125wpc AM/FM Stereo Receiver w Wooden Case ~ Serviced, SANSUI SOLID STATE 140w QRX-7500 4 CHANNEL RECEIVER VGC SQ w/ record, Wow Marantz 2330B AM/FM Stereo Receiver 130 WPC - Serviced, Tested & Working, Marantz 2275, MINT, Original shipping box, The FISHER 500-TX solid state TUNE-O-MATIC stereo RECEIVER, FISHER 500-TX RECEIVER 500TX AM/FM STEREO Works But Needs Repair / Restoration, 70's Marantz 2270 AM/FM Stereo Receiver in Walnut Cabinet 70wpc Flagship, McIntosh MAC 1900 Stereo Receiver - Striking, McIntosh MAC 1900 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Gorgeous, MARANTZ 2250B excellent working condition with WC-22 WOOD CASE stereo, Sansui 9090DB AM/FM Stereo Receiver Amplifier NICE CLEAN WORKS, B & O BANG & OLUFSEN 4500 BEOGRAM CD, BEOMASTER RECEIVER & BEOCORD TAPE PLAYER, Bang & Olufsen BEO Danish Modern Cabinet Beocenter 70 B&O MANY USES, MCINTOSH MAC1900 receiver, perfect conditions, Pioneer SX-1250 Receiver, recently cleaned and serviced, all functions working, MCINTOSH MAC 1700 TUBE HYBRID STEREO RECEIVER JUST ABOUT MINT FULLY WORKING, MINT PIONEER SX-1250 AM-FM STEREO RECEIVER 160 RMS, Wow Sansui 9090DB AM/FM Stereo Receiver - Serviced, Tested & Working, Marantz 2330B AM/FM Stereo Receiver 130w + cabinet, PIONEER SX-1250 MONSTER STEREO RECEIVER WORKS GREAT, Fisher 500 C- F.M Tube Receiver Works Great with Original Paperwork, Fisher 800c Hi-Fi FM/AM Tube Stereo Receiver All Fisher Tubes, THE FISHER 500-TX AM-FM STEREO TUBE AMPLIFIER TUNER RECEIVER. Most important is close matching their gain and other characteristics. Instead, both items are being included at a significantly reduced value for parts and/or repair. Remember these receivers are 40-60 years old. Most, if not everything you will find there will need repairs at minimum, restoration if keeping it long term. VERY CLEAN WORKS GREAT, SANSUI 5000A STEREO TUNER AMPLIFIER RECEIVER 120/240 VAC 5000 Tape, sansui 7000 solid state am fm stereo tuner amplifier receiver with manual, Pioneer QX-747 4 channel Receiver Amplifier Serviced, Original Sansui Wooden Stereo Receiver 881 AM/FM Japan Made, MARANTZ 2252B STEREOPHONIC STEREO AM FM RECEIVER AMP AMPLIFIER w DLB-1 DOLBY, Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 2400 Stereo Receiver Works Great, studio standard by fisher rs 2010 stereo receiver, Marantz 2230 Gyro-Tuning stereo Hi-Fi receiver, Marantz Superscope R-1220 Stereo Receiver Tuner Amp + Original BOX, PIONEER STEREO RECEIVER SX-850 AM/FM/Phono/Tape/Aux WORKS GOOD, Pioneer SX-850 Stereo Receiver Very Good Condition - Works Great, WORKING PIONEER RECIEVER SX-D7000 NICE SHAPE SOUNDS GREAT NO RESERVE, RARE MARANTZ RECEIVER 4240 STEREO 2 + QUADRADIAL 4 MODEL 1970's, KENWOOD STEREO SYSTEM EXCELENT SHAPE 150 RMS WATTS KM206 KC206 KT56, 1970s Pioneer SX-980 Stereo Receiver Works GC, MARANTZ 1070 Intergrated amplifier Wonderful sounding Amp, MARANTZ MODEL 4230 RECEIVER STEREO 2- QUADRADIAL 4, ~Works Great ~ THE FISHER PHILHARMONIC P-22 TUBE AM-FM STEREO RECEIVER, Marantz 4230 ReceiverxWood Case 4 Channel with Original Manual AS IS, Sansui Model 2000X AM/FM Stereo Receiver Excellent. It was compiled in 2013. Quite, Engraved Champagne Marantz 2270-Re-lamped-Serviced-1970's Flagship-70 Watts RMS, Fisher 800c Cosmetically beautiful in Original wooden case, HITACHI SR 2004 - MONSTER RECEIVER - JAPAN 1970s STEREO - HI POWER UNIT, FISHER MODEL 400 CUSTOM STEREO FM RECEIVER, Mid Century Jetsons 1964 Kenwood KW-70 Multiplex Tube Stereo Receiver, Tube Marantz Stereophonic Receiver Model 18 circa 1960s, McIntosh MAC 1900 AM/FM stereo receiver GORGEOUS, Sweet Sansui Am/Fm Receiver Tuner TU-717 & Sansui Amplifier AU-717, Nice Sansui 9090DB AM/FM Stereo Receiver 120 WPC, Sony STR-V7 Stereo Receiver - 150Watts Per Channel RMS, kenwood kr 9600 Stereo Reciever The Flagship Of Power 160 watts x2 Run A Guitar, Marantz 4300 Quad monster receiver LED converted 4400 brother WC-43 case, Marantz model Eighteen 18 Stereo receiever, MARANTZ MODEL 2325 STERIO RECEIVER, WORKS GREAT. Browse our selection on eBay or visit our store in Levittown to see what we have available. Purveyors of Electronic, Musical and Vintage goods from then, now and in between. At Innovative Audio, we pride ourselves on having one of the best reputations for audio repair service in … receiver plays needs some attention wCASE111/22/2013$250.00SherwoodSHERWOOD S-8000 STEREO FM-MX RECEIVER - AS IS1211/22/2013$250.00SonySony 6060F Receiver in wood case102/03/2013$250.00YamahaYamaha CA-810 Home Audio Amplifier112/30/2013$250.00YamahaYamaha Stereo Receiver, CR-1020, Wood Grain2112/15/2013$250.00YamahaStereo Receiver YAMAHA R-1000 W/ DIGITAL SYNTHESIZER GREAT CONDITION111/30/2013$250.00PioneerPIONEER SX-950 RECEIVER MINT/JUST SERVICED/WORKS PERFECT/OUTSTANDING/!! Done Jones Stereo has been in business for over 50 years!Don Jones Stereo if not, you typically end up walking home having spent far too much money on something you could have bought for far less. 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Serviced, with 3 months warranty. !158/5/2012$192.50PioneerPioneer SX-780 AM/FM Stereo Receiver ~ Great Phono Preamp ~ Working3511/19/2013$192.50PioneerBEAUTIFUL! Hi-Fi Audio Sales, Repair and Restoration in Rockford IL. Thank you for choosing us for your Kansas City home audio care! Hi guys, !159/9/2012$305.00FisherFISHER 400 TUBE RECIEVER & WOOD CABINET.....NO RESERVE116/10/2012$305.00KenwoodKENWOOD KR 9940 QUAD Stereo Receiver 4 Channel 1975 Japan Classic NM1611/11/2013$305.00LafayetteLAFAYETTE LR-120DB81/31/2013$305.00LuxmanMint Beautiful Luxman R-1120 Tuner Receiver Amp Accutouch CLL!! VERY COOL ITEM! You can now buy on line and choose between shipping or in store pickup. Hi-Fi Audio Sales, Repair and Restoration in Denver, Aurora, Boulder Parker CO. Pioneer Stereo Reveiver model SX-1050 excellent condition, near mint, MONSTER SANSUI QRX 5500 QUAD RECEIVER - MINT CONDITION - 220W-4ohms 160W-8ohms, Marantz 2270 Stereo Receiver - GREAT CONDITION, McIntosh 1900 SOLID STATE Stereo Receiver 55 Watts - Clean Unit, PIONEER SX-950 (1976) AM/FM RECEIVER FULLY RESTORED TO MINT CONDITION. Click on the model number/name to view the ad. Pioneer SX-1050 Stereo Reciever AS/IS Repair Or Parts . A new case and accent can be made from furniture grade wood, if perhaps the old one is missing, too badly damaged to repair or the client never owned it. Item has been sold. is that all kenwood eleven ii is worth is 150.00. All gear is checked and serviced by our engineers and comes with warranty. A&R CAMBRIDGE A60 INTEGRATED AMP AND ACTIVE SA60 POWER AMP. 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