The ultimate mark of a main villain is when he is the first name that pops up in your head when the topic comes up. Close. Whether Spock was more gifted in math or had better memory than other Vulcans, we don't know. Vulcans are stronger in the mind, klingons are stronger in the heart But in at least one timeline, he would have qualified for the Vulcan Science Academy, a feat for which his judges and possible mentors considered him exceptional. star-trek. Scroll down for more details. Prior to the Abramsverse and Star Trek Discovery almost no one cared about this question and the answer is highly inconsistent. share. I'd say Cap is the better fighter Not sure. 2) And Khan was not much stronger than Vulcans or Klingons, at least not the upper percentile. Spock has advanced Starfleet and vulcan combat training, and Khan has that and more. Aesiron: Spock presumably swims from the downed Bird of Prey in The Voyage Home, and Worf is forced to walk the plank in Generations, so they can, at least. 33. They should just be able to transform into something strong enough. Vulcans are significantly stronger than Klingons. How about the Founders? The Khan vs Spock fight had me "hmmm"-ing. In spite of this fast metabolism, they are relatively long-lived, having an average lifespan of two-hundred years. Augments are faster and more coordinated, yes. Not sure. We see this belief in action when Spock put his mind into the body of Doctor Leonard McCoy in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. So Spock is much stronger than Kirk without appearing to be even as massive. (DS9: "Take Me Out to the Holosuite") I know there's an episode where Kirk is worried about Spock and states how much stronger spock is but I can't seem to find it. While Salman has given 24 hits in career (with 49 flops), King Khan has given 23 hits so far, they say. D***@nomail. save hide report. In Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, a mind meld ritual, the "fal tor pan" ("re … Why is Roccat Khan Aimo better than ASTRO A50 Gen 3? I always thought Vulcans were stronger than Klingons. Khan is a match for a Vulcan, which is far below Data. There are instances of them living over two hundred and twenty years. (DS9 ... of a person, which could be transferred psionically prior to death. So my list would be Gorm, Species 8472, and the Founders. Vulcans also have a much faster metabolism than Humans: their heart beats several hundred times per minute and they are physically much faster and much stronger than Humans. Active 1 year, 6 months ago. Khan was stronger and smarter than regular humans but he also had a massive ego and temperament that led to his fall, and that same thing happens to a lot of beings the Enterprise encounters. Psychology [edit … Does physical strength of a Vulcan female really matter when she can likely make suggestive advances towards an aggressor and than render them unconscious with a VNP or get them to do her bidding with a mind … does anyone find it odd that no one has ever talked about the dangers of vulcan and humans sleepling toghter. … I don't get it! Romulans are often seen by other … RELATED: Star Trek: Discovery: 5 Things They Kept The Same About Spock (And 5 Things They Changed) Vulcans are also stronger than humans and have their own styles of martial arts, like tal-shaya and Suus Mahna. Klingons look and act tougher but they never seem to be much stronger than humans. 2004-01-06 04:32:38 UTC. Khan may be an augment, but Vulcans are physically stronger than regular humans too. Vulcans are about three times as strong as an average human, though their durability is about the same. I'm surprised this didn't come up sooner. Vulcan males are stronger than Vulcan females. Spock crushing and breaking steel bare-handed, T’Pol soloing several Klingons, Tuvok crushing that one guy’s wrist, etc). Has a detachable cable? The following is a list of unnamed Augments. Perhaps their muscle quality or whatever is superior. Worf one-shotted a Romulan soldier in *Redemption Pt. Vulcans are on average three times physically stronger than humans and are noticably more agile. Vulcans typically have a lifespan of 200 years or more. Feb 13, 2013 54,450 11 405. Romulans, unlike Vulcans, are just as emotive as humans, and their culture is extremely xenophobic and insular - the Romulan Empire before it's fracture was essentially a police state. Spock is a hybrid, but even he was many times stronger than Kirk several times in TOS. Has it ever been stated how much stronger Klingons are other than just "they're stronger?" During one particular battle, Archer's great … Viewed 619 times 13. Vulcans are stated to have 3x the strength of humans. Piss off warsie assholes. Vulcans were, on average, three times physically stronger than Humans, and had considerably faster reflexes. Similar arguments could be made about Klingon assuming conditions on Chronos are more harsh/demanding. Jackpot Banned. Vulcans are typically depicted as stronger, faster, and longer-lived than humans. Khan on the other hand single handily wiped out an party of Klingon's with little effort and embarrassed Spock in hand-to-hand combat. Having ... Katras can be returned to the body. 3 … I always assumed Vulcan were as strong as spiderman and stronger than captain america and engineered human can have his strength as high as superman depending on how their genetics may have been manipulated. Whether these are Vulcan years or Earth years is still unclear. There isn’t any mention of gender though. Vulcans are stronger than Klingons. But there are plenty of species in the Federation with better overall stats. Vulcans and Romulans would be the same. The Brain. Top. Definitely Vulcans. An anatomy diagram of a Vulcan. Post by seanrobertson » 2003-01-16 04:49pm Galaxy … In the film Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), Khan Noonien Singh notably remains conscious after the famous Vulcan nerve pinch. They migrated to a planet with a lower gravity than Vulcan. Vulcans are typically depicted as stronger, faster, and longer-lived than humans (although discrepancies have occurred). Has a noise-canceling microphone? I think there was a DS9 episode that said vulcans were 3 times stronger than humans. In the Star Trek canon, have any other humans been able to achieve this? Have any humans remained conscious after a Vulcan nerve pinch other than Khan Noonien Singh? Such was the case with Spock, who, near the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, implanted his katra into the mind of Dr. McCoy before sacrificing his life.